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Don In Balmain

Freja Beha in Vogue Nippon July 2009, My Cowgirl Hero.

Credits, full editorial : ModelCouture

Still Summer

I was out 75% of the days since I woke up.
I have mentioned I hate to be lazy for fashion and that I try to update every single day. Sometimes, I might just be too busy and don't have the time to do but I'll make up to it and try to update as soon as I have the time. Times like this will come often, so bare with it. I trying to keep to updating it everyday.

Thinking of updating another Homme Post to end the week. Meanwhile, enjoy this!
Favorite? The second last one, the shoe looks amazing. It compliments the whole look.

Credits : Allure Korea

Summer Never Felt So Sexy (Lee Hyori)

I've been working hard trying to find images to post.
And have come across alot of images suitable to the "Summer" season. So you'll probably be seeing alot of Summer-ish post. In the midst of posting, I'm thinking of working on post like "What makes women feel sexy?" or "What will help build confidence?" Of course it comes from my opinion. I've been surrounded by many "insecure women". Insecure about their weight, height etc.. I do feel insecure at times too, not that I've never been. I MIGHT be working on that if I have the time. What's your say?.. Yes or No, tag! Well, I am probably not mature enough to say that I'm sexy though, but you know a list that make you feel sexy, something like that..

Here is eight images of Korea's top celebrity or "Sex-symbol" you say?
Mind you, she just turned 30 on May 10 and she's looking as sexy as ever although this images might be taken before her birthday. Cheers to this sexy lady!

Credits : Patzzi

Homme : Three (Lee Min-Ho)

Have been looking out for images that are suitable to make Eiffel In Seoul's Homme Post. There isn't alot on the Korean Sites.. I'm still trying to find more. So bare with it. The next Homme post would still be on Big Bang.

Min Ho somehow resemblance T.O.P of Big Bang in some of the shots which I think its so sexy. The styling of the photoshoot is good. And Min Ho is just an amazing model.

Credits : Vogue Korea June 2009

Topshop Replicate?

I can't change the tagboard names of the misspelt Eiffel, so.. Its gonna stay like that.
I found these images just before my laptop broke down yesterday. Gonna bring it for repair this Friday, hoping for no lost data at all! Meanwhile, these are really good. Topshop replica much?.. I still love it nonetheless. Korea FTW!

Credits : Vogue Girl Korea


I actually made a huge mistake in Eiffel In Seoul which is to spell Eiffel wrongly!
This is so embarrassing!.. I remember googling for the name and I think someone misspelled it wrongly too! Thus, I mistaken Eiffel for Effiel for 15 days. Gosh! I have changed the name on most of the pictures but not those on my blog. I have also changed the URL. Give me some time to ammend the rest!

My laptop is down, what luck!
But i'll still continue blogging here. Homme post is coming up in the next few days! I can't wait to show you guys the Homme post. I'm always excited posting something related to Men's fashion.

Credits : Singles

Rocker Chic Feminine

Its not just Paris or America that can do Rocker Chic editorials! S.Korea does that too!
I remember seeing a Vogue Nippon Editorial months back similar to this. Oh, how I fall in love with Korea! My favorite? Everything! These are good! Rocker Chic yet have the feminine taste!

Credits : Singles

Anja Rubik in Vogue Paris

Currently working on something. With registration at a Korean web.

I hope the outcome will be good and then, I will be able to show you guys more editorials and stuff. Have been asking people to help and I'm really thankful for the replies! I was tad upset when I heard many Koreans hang around on Daum and Naver more compared to the "westernized" blogger. You know, I know nothing about Hangul :(

Here's Vogue Paris for you with Anja Rubik looking hot!

Credits : Ru_Glamour @ Livejournal

Fashionable Licks

I found this on Yatzer today. Too cute, I had to post.
More post of this will come soon!

Bonus :

Having C(s) replacing the Golden Arches? Sounds yummy.

This might probably Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel takeaway.
I'll probably have this everyday compared to carrying a classic 2.55.

Credits : Yatzer, Gammacurta

Fashion and Art

Something different and fast.
I didn't want to go through my "Effiel In Seoul" folder, pick out photoshoots or editorials. So this is pretty much fresh from the net. I hate being lazy for fashion, I'm trying very hard to keep up with this blog.. updating everyday by midnight. I hope I haven't let any of you down.

This is what you get when Fashion is mixed with Art :

I have a feel things in mind to post. Including new Homme posts and celebrity style. I know I haven't venture out into Europe/America.. I have SO MANY editorials and photoshoots including my daily scoop on Celebrity Style on Celebrity sites, more like I'm looking out for what they are wearing. People who have great styles like Sienna Miller, Lauren Corad, Kardashians and the list goes on forever! Including quirky style Lady Gaga. Yes, we've never seen anyone like that before. I'm proud of her, she's daring, brave.. all out for fashion! Trend setter instead of a follower!